In 1999, La Maison Unies-Vers-Femmes with the city of Gatineau's participation inaugurated for its 20th anniversary a memorial dedicated to the women in the Outaouais Region who died as a result of spousal abuse.

The memorial is located in the Mémoire d'elles park in Gatineau, where a monument has been built. The names of the women of the region killed by their spouse have been written on this monument. The first name written on the monument was Janine Boissonnault, a woman from the region murdered by her husband.

Each year, the vigil committee of La Maison Unies-Vers-Femmes holds a memorial for the women who died in the killings at the Polytechnique in 1989, for women who died from spousal abuse in the Outaouais region.

The vigil committee's mission is to make sure that people never forget that violence towards women is still present in our lives.